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Most people love the smell and taste of freshly baked bread. Most people, however, can not afford the time it takes to make such a luxury. Thanks to modern technology though, anyone can make fresh bread at home, with little effort. These are some tips for purchasing the right bread maker for you.

The price of the bread maker will probably be one of the first options you will consider. While you should not blow you're budget on the fanciest bread maker available (unless, of course you can afford it), you will also not want to buy the cheapest one, as this might not be the best value for you're dollar. Different brands of machines all start with the same basic features, so it would be smart to shop around.

The size of you're bread maker is going to depend on available space in your home, as well as how many people there are in your family. Most bread makers make one, one and a half to two pound loaves. Only you can decide how much you're family will eat.

There are many different features on today's bread makers. You will want to chose a maker that suits you're needs. It is important to determine what features you will realistically use. If you want you're bread to be ready for breakfast or dinner for example, you should purchase a machine which has a delayed timer. If you want to make items such as cinnamon rolls or buns, you will have to purchase a bread maker that allows you to take out the dough before it is cooked. This way you can kneed the dough and bake it in the oven yourself. Other features to be aware of, include a keep warm function, the ability to add items such as nuts or dried fruits to the cycle, crust control and French bread or whole wheat cycles.

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