Cookies And Allergies To Wheat Gluten

As we all know that most cookies are made from wheat flour but unfortunately there are some people that have formed allergies to wheat gluten, well now what is wheat gluten, according to Dr Harris Steinman wheat gluten is the elastic, rubbery protein present in wheat, rye, barley and to a lesser degree in oats. It binds the dough in foods such as bread and other baked goods. It contributes to spongy consistency. Rice and maize do not contain gluten.
However, gluten is only one protein found in wheat, rye and barley. These foods, like all other foods, contain a number of discreet proteins that all can result in adverse reactions, including allergies.
For example, wheat protein comprises 4 main groups of proteins: water-soluble, salt-soluble, alcohol-soluble and alcohol-insoluble. The major proteins in wheat-albumin, globulin, gliadin and glutenin (gluten)-vary in proportion according to the type of wheat.
Is it necessary to make cookies from only wheat flour, no it is not there are cookie recipes using rice flour which is gluten free and also maize starch, lupine flour alone or even the maize starch and lupine flour in combination.
If you are a person who has a allergy to peanuts do not use lupine flour because you will begin to itch and swell from it, there are a lot of different flours on the market today that you can in the making of your cookies and cookie recipes.

Ann Marie Krause has been making cookies for over 30 years, at persent I am retired, for over 23 years I owned a Gourmet Bakery called The Cheese Confectioner.You can visit my site at
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