Low Carb Breads Make Meal Time Easier

Just a couple of years ago, the choices for packaged foods were limited but today a trip through your grocery store will yield many low carb versions of your favorite foods. The ones with the most impact and which have made my daily meal prep easier are low carb breads.

One of my favorite breads is a whole wheat wrap that has only 5 grams net carbs and is perfect for any kind of sandwich. Remember when you used to have to use a lettuce leaf to hold your tuna or turkey? Well not anymore with this wonderful and tasty wrap! I

This wrap not only makes great sandwiches, but you can use it for many other things as well. Remember when your family would send out for pizza and you would sit with them staring longingly at the pie - well not anymore! Now you can simply scrape off the pizza cheese, sauce and toppings and stick it in the wrap! How about subs like those delicious steak and cheese - just order them at the sub shop on a wrap and then transfer the fillings of the sub into your low carb wrap (or better yet, maybe you can get the sub guy to just put the filling inside your wrap?).

And didn't you long to soak up those egg yolks at breakfast in a nice whole wheat bread. Well, that's easy with Arnold Carb Counting bread. I favor the whole wheat which has only 6 grams of carbs per slice. You can buy this bread already made in most grocery stores which is much easier than baking from a mix - and you might even be able to use it during the induction phase!

Now that low carb bread is readily available it's much easier to prepare meals. If you are busy like me, having the time to bake bread is few and far between, but now I can just simply make a trip to the grocery store and have my fill of sandwiches. You can even use the bread to make some of those favorite dishes you may be missing like french toast, stuffing, croutons for salads and bread pudding.

Lee Dobbins is the owner and editor of Low Carb Resource where you can learn more about low carb eating and other low carb foods.

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