Milling Grains - Cost and Storage Benefits

Tip #1 - "You do WHAT? Why bother?" - Part Two

If you already read Part One of this tip, then you may or may not have peaked the inquisitiveness of former nay-sayers. You may still need more information for why you are thinking of or currently milling at home. After all, inquiring minds want to know.

The next tip to answering the questions of why you bother to mill at home is the benefits of cost and storage. Sure, we can purchase 'whole wheat bread' at the grocery store. Sure, 'dead bagged flour' lasts for a good period. Are these reasons to reject home milling all together? No! In fact, look closer and you can see why milling at home is better.

Putting all health reasons aside, with milling at home storage and cost come up on the convenience end of it. The cost of a loaf of 'whole wheat' bread from the grocery store is approximately $2.29. A home milled, fresh WHOLE GRAIN flour, loaf of bread costs me approximately $.75 to make and that is using all organic (a bit pricier) grains and sugar. I also know completely what is in that loaf!

Storage is a completely different issue. I'll admit, my fresh baked loaf does NOT last as long, not due to shelf-life but that we wolf it down so fast (no one in the house can stay away from slicing into a warm loaf when they smell it), but the grains last for years! 'Dead bagged flour' can't say that. Either mites, weevils or simply staleness can render a dead bag of flour worthless in mere months. God made an excellent protection for that grain, the husk. There have been grains found in pyramids that were over 4000 years old but when planted, they grew just as they were created to. Now that's storage for you. Just store the grains in a well-made container and from getting wet and you can store them for years. You may not be needing them in 4000 years though.

Donna Miller is a wife, mother and stay-at-home working parent. After years of study in the areas of nutrition, homemaking and back-to-basics living, Donna is delighted to share her trials and triumphs of learning to mill and cook with whole grains. The Millers own and operate Millers Grain House, an online Organic and Chemical-free Whole Grain store. Visit their whole grain blog at

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