NUTRIMILL Multi-Texture
High Speed Grain Mill

This is Our Top-Rated Grain Mill!

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We are delighted to have trained over 5,170 people on how to use their new Nutrimill Grain Mill.  In addition, more than 250,000 people have viewed our trainings on milling and baking with whole grains (and how to save money in the process).


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New and innovative variable High Speed Grain Mill.
Mill grains and beans into fresh flour in minutes.


NUTRIMILL Multi-Texture
High Speed Grain Mill

This mill is the first and finest high-speed stoneless flour mill that has multi-texture capability.  Offering a FAR SUPERIOR WAY to make flour from whole grains.

Instead of stones, the Nutrimill has special TrueGrind
TM milling heads to mill grain into flour.  This type of
micronizing head is widely used for producing a fine grind.  The difference is that unlike other mills, the Nutrimill can produce a coarser grind texture that you might desire for corn meal.  Other micronizing mills can only produce fine to extra fine flour.

Along with the special milling chamber, a variable drive motor lets you get the texture you want in a high speed electric mill.


Advanced technology includes:

Improved texture control
50% noise reduction
Unique Force/Flow sound/air chamber design
Stronger milling heads
Improved motor cooling and longer mill life
20 cup bowl capacity
Weight is only 14 lbs


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Also... when you order, we will send you a special video on how to use and take care of this amazing NutriMill Grain Mill.


Take a look at the Nutrimill Advanced Milling system:

Hopper Lid
  • Quieter Milling

    Mill Unit
  • Variable Speed
  • Texture Control
  • 3xAirFlow
  • Force Flow air chamber
  • TruGrind milling heads
  • TruFeed grain control

  • Over 20 cup capacity
  • Large easy grip handles







Hopper Extension

  • 1 to 1 grain/flour ratio

    Bowl Lid
  • TwistLock
  • Twist = lock onto bowl

  • TruTrack
  • Guides bowl into place
  • Increases airflow

Here's why Nutrimill is our TOP recommended Grain Mill

New "Smoothflo" Technology

  • No clogging or jamming
  • Smooth flow of grain and flour
  • Effortless milling of even the softest grains or beans
  • More secure, direct flow coupling between the milling heads and flour canister
New Larger Separator Cup
  • Dust free air flow
  • Better filtration
  • Cooler milling temperature (118 degrees on medium wheat setting)
  • Less after-milling residue
  • More even canister filling




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