Back To Basics with Live Whole Foods!

The answer is simple and indisputable: Live Whole Food Nutrition!
For centuries, our ancestors received nourishment from whole food sources; Vegetables, berries, seeds, greens, sprouts, fruits, grains and nuts grown in chemical and pesticide free soil that was rich in probiotics, fulvic acid, enzymes and minerals. <p>
In today's world, our bodies still require the complete balance of pure nutrients and energy provided by live whole foods. The modern demands of our fast-paced world have led to the processing of food to the point of non-nutrition. Authentic food value has been sacrificed for convenience. Natural food has been replaced with chemically modified products that can promote illness and disease. Today we are not only eating food but our food is eating us. In an attempt to counteract the impact of poor nutrition, we supplement our diet with processed nutrition in the form of isolated synthetic vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are only slightly more beneficial than the processed foods that created the problem!<p>
The URI solution to the nutritional crisis facing our world is pretty simple; back to a complete balance of live whole-foods, just the way that nature intended for healthy living. Supplementing your diet with URI live whole food nutritional products provide that balance. Feed your body the live whole food nutrition your body knows, Nutrition your body needs.<p>
Get back to basics with naturally powerful, naturally pure, naturally complete, live whole food nutrition only from URI International.<p>
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