Day 2: Follow My Weight Loss Program - A Little Harder

Day 2<br><br><p>
Meal 1: Whole wheat waffles with natural peanut butter spread on them<br>
Meal 2: Banana with natural peanut butter<br>
Meal 3: Grilled cheese sandwhich on multi-grain bread<br>
Meal 4: Natural peanut butter on whole wheat waffle, spinach salad<br>
Meal 5: Mixed green salad with sunflower seeds and a Gorton's baked fish fillet<br><br><p>
Again exercise consisted of walking the dog in the morning for about 15 minutes and then again in the evening for abou 40 minutes.<br><br><p>
Not a alot of variety in the food department as that is really what I had to work with. Will more than likely go shopping on Day 3 to pick up items I will need for the remainder of the week. Also I will be noting my weight on a weekly basis, every Monday.

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You can follow Mike's weight loss program on his Blog at There you can follow Mike's progress as he details his daily routine fitness and nutrition program on his way to losing 50 pounds by December 31st, 2008.

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