Velle Oats helps Healthy Weight Maintenance

The world today is facing an alarming health problem with obesity. Overweight among people is result of bad dietary habits, lack of exercise and a sedentary life-style. The main cause though is poor diet. Keeping a low fat, high fibre diet is one way of countering weight problems. Oats is an excellent organic food that helps maintain a healthy weight and is essential in a long-term health diet. More and more people are becoming health conscious and turning to meatless, low cholesterol foods, which has led to the recognition of oats a natural food in the fight against obesity.

By consuming Oats and its ingredient Beta-glucan a person can maintain a healthy weight.

* B-glucan present in Oats delays the stomach from emptying contributing to a longer feeling of being full.
* The high fibre in Oats help you feel fuller longer but without providing any calories.
* The presence of B-glucan in the small intestine slows down the nutrient absorption process leading to a longer feeling of satiety.
* Oats assists weight maintenance and reduction by increasing the amount of fat discharged in the faeces.
* When consumed with other organic foods the effects of Oats B-glucan are even stronger.

For more info please visit: Nutritious diet. The website is in Russian language so people who know Russian can understand the goodness of oats and its impact on health.

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